A Gay Electric Daisy Carnival July 4th Weekend...in LA!? YESS!!

Talk about HOTT - If we are reading correctly there is a new 21+  3-Day Gay Dance Festival coming to town called the '1LIFE Festival'.  The DJ lineup and production sounds so mind blowing - we just RE-adjusted our entire "Festival Schedule" to make plenty of room for this one! 

Naturally after being slightly overly excited we did we did a little digging.... come to find that the event producers of Momentum,  360HAUS Ray & Dante Presents have partnered with one of the biggest EDM Festival producers in the industry, 
ohh emmm geee!!

On TOP of that this party will be going on from 4PM-6AM (14 HOURS) at the National Orange Show Center (NOS CENTER) ...same venue where Nocturnal Wonderland & Electric Daisy Carnival have been held for years! 

Now its on like Donkey Kong, lets get ready to party!