Raja Reads the Teen Queens

Brace yourselves, I'm about to school.

Now, I am not the authority on all things drag, in fact I can definitely improve, even add some new skills to my limited abilities. Let's make things clear, I know my flaws. As they say "there is always room for improvement.

Now that that is said and out of the way... I will proceed with the‪#‎reading‬

I may not be a brilliant dancer, or a spirited lip syncher, instead my performances are more of a somnambulistic beauty. But that is what I'm good at, and I definitely know how to walk on some fucking heels. You can't touch my stiletto strides, I know what I'm doing.

New queens need to realize that this ability needs just as much dedication as perfecting the ‪#‎hombreeyebrow‬ , the‪#‎shablamdeathdrop‬ , and the ‪#‎nickiminajlipsynch‬ . Walking in heels beautifully is against nature and the art is to make it look like you were born with spikes protruding, from your heel. Do not go on stage teetering and bobbing without proper practice first. Your friends at home are being nice to you when they tell you how fierce you are in your Aldo 5 inch spike ankle booties. What they should tell you is you look crazy. Taking small petite steps with your elbows close to your body, flailing your wrists to balance your man body, and sweating...is eeeeeew. Looking like a sissy (vegan) tyrannosaurus on roller skates. Looking like a short armed Sasquatch with an ingrown toenail. If your belly pulls you forward and off balance and you are about to face plant, try sitting with your legs crossed, or a corset. 

I suggest doing your household chores in some practice heels, and if that doesn't work, master the art of laying on your back beautifully with your hoof all pretty like. If you can't do that, may I suggest a ‪#‎croc‬?

After all it don't matter if the shoe is pretty, if you're walking like a drunk baby in them.

The library is closed.


  1. Raja shut your fucking ugly old looking Ethiopian mouth up you stupid fugly bitch.

    Nobody cares about you anymore. NOBODY! YOU DONT EVEN CARE ABOUT RAJA!

    One day after drag race you were old news. You walk around weho like you're a fucking star when you're nothing. You're so fucking ugly like an ugly bag of bones and not in a good way in a sick way.

    Now that drag race is starting up you KNOW in your talentless ribcage that you will fade further into the background and nobody will give a fuck what an old man like you in make up and heels with a bad hairline thinks. THIS IS WHY YOU PUT THIS ON HERE YOU FUCKING BOTTOM BITCH!

    You're nothing. NOTHING! Now go try and talk to ru paul because last time we heard she avoids you, YES bitch those long responses are because he thinks you're a nobody and makes jokes about your stupid puppet ass.

    You were nothing but cattle to drag race you fucking low life old man. YOU ARE A MAN. NOT A PRETTY WOMAN Ugly cunt.

    Nobody cares about you or drag race you'll continue to be replaced as long as that show is on air. You are nothing. Stop FUCKING reading people you pointless piece of shit.

    Goodnight ugly bitch.

  2. looking at the picture included, I can't help but ask-- since when does the "help" get to actually sit down while working at Norm's?! if only there were a to-go box big enough to shut the bitch up on her way to the nearest trash bin.


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