Just A Reminder...

Bobby Trendy is more relevent than ever and filming a show. 
We'd bang this hottie no condim over Anna Nicole's old bed sheets anyday!

Ricky Roulette 


  1. Hottie? Gurl put the tina pipe down NOW!!!

  2. Good for him, her, it.......maybe now the bills can get paid.

  3. Ewww. Ewww. And Ewww. How much did he pay you for this ad?
    He wasn't relevant when Anna was alive let alone 8 years later.

    1. You seem very much jealous. Bobby was the only one on that show that turned his time on it into a merchandising extravaganza. Howard and Cristine and others on that show were arrested after Anna's death . Bobby sure was not he stuck to selling his wares on shopping net works etc. And where are those other co-stars today? Either dead or in jail it seems. This queen is having a good time and not muching off others.

  4. #PaidAd - looks like weho conf has finally realized it needs to pay the bills. bye bye unfiltered truth. let the dollar prevail!

  5. Bobby Trendy is relevant to you. You are relevant to crackheads and wannabees. 'Nuff said.

  6. Bobby, you need to invest in a real publicist if you want to get famous. This DIY BS is just sad.

  7. Love him or hate him. He is a bussiness person who has remained on top of his game beyond any of those reality show people. And is having fun with it. I work at the South Central Animal Services facilty on 60 Th street and he woudl come in and adopt these older dogs that no one wants. For Christmas -every year since I have been under the employ of the city he would bring in gifts for all the animal control employees, most people are just thinking of them selves. His sucess speaks through his actions for the less fortunate such as these older pets that dont have much time left and for city employess through his personal generocity to us. I love this site and its comments. I just felt that I needed to step up to the plate to day and say some words.

  8. I will not forget the year of 2007 when we lost Hunter and Kiwi both Dream Girls at the Rage Drag show and Bobby Trendy stepped up in full force to help these two members of the community when they needed help the most in their finals hours of life and the after care that they needed. Al this frivlousness is just personal opinions that people may have on a person whom they have never even met once in person. Bobby, the drag community won't forget your efforts that July.

  9. He is one of the most gracious people I have ever met. He sent me a handwritten thank you card when i sold him his i phone. Most people forget the the importance of teh words "thank you".

  10. I love the defense of this guy. "He's not dead or in jail" "not muching (sic) off others" "sent me a thank you card."
    None of these things make you a celebrity nor relevant.
    Some of you are impressed by the wrong things.

  11. oh no he needs to go.. get this trash out of here


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