Fuck You!!

Screw paying $14 for a vodka cranberry on a Tuesday night!! At Welfare Tuesdays drinks/shots/beer/wine are all just $5!!!! No cover & lots of fun. Come for the cheap booze, stay for the drag shows & DJ Zak Matic!! And one gogo boy ... 'cause that's all we can afford at Welfare Tuesdays! 

Door by Misty Violet 

Performances by: Misty Violet, Cake Moss, Melissa Befierce & Hummingbird Meadows Atmosphere curated by Kiki Xtravaganza 

 ~Art by David Jordan~ 

Sponsored by Dragbook.com. 

 xxxo GG


  1. Unfortunately the photo doesn't lie. That's pretty much what to expect inside on Tuesdays.


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