Beyonce - Drunk In Love Remix

Watch this...

Bravo! Bravo! 



  1. Answers needed/Facts ProvidedFebruary 12, 2014 at 8:22 AM

    Ya ya we get it back to West Hollywood.

    What is going on? Facts needed stat. Why are residence starting to notice Jonathon Chang getting "Queeny" "Druggy" "Voicy" "Out of the Valley all of a sudden"? Is our Favorite mess back from the Grave? Has Joe Hollywood retired from "Hollywood's Biggest Hot Mess" Something must SERIOUSLY be up for Jonathon to be "REPPING" the WeHo confidential Red Carpet Awards and Joe Hollywood DIDN'T even check into the event.

    1. The 3rd WeHo Con Awards where actually fun. Two issues I had, what in the Hell happened to Bobby Trendy's Eyebrows? Did he get them tattooed in Korea Town to fill in the balding? ^^Def agree, Jonathon Chang is going around town talking shit about Anna Nicole Smith how Bobby is capitalizing off her (Which is OBVI for the last 7 years!) Other than that the only thing missing was Joe H. and I believe Courtney Stodden didnt show either? Or maybe the open bar got to my brain...


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