Tonight: Who's Who Rewards Show - Monday February 3rd 2014

The 3rd Annual Who's Who Rewards will be held at the Robertson tomorrow, Feb. 3rd!

Doors open @ 8pm.

This event is free & open to the public with an open bar from 8:30-9:30. 
All nominees are required to check-in at the front door no later than 9:30p.


We look forward to seeing you!

Porn Star!
Adam Russo! Duncan Black! Cutler X! Chris Clark! Christopher Daniels! Cliff Jensen! Billy Santoro! Seth Treston! Derek 


Bret Saari! Harris of Hollywood! Jon Viscott! Rolling Blackouts! Brendan John! Devin M!itchell!

#1 Street Personality!

Manny Patel! Rosas! WeHo Jesus! Joe Hollywood! Tranny on A Bike!

Sexiest GoGo!

Addison #1! Brandon! Addison #2! Christian! Colby! Daniel Luck! Steven Dehler! Drunk Twins! Eric! Everett! Fodido! Trey! Rock Dee! Scotty! Israel! Vane!ssa!

#1 Nightclub!

The Factory! The Abbey! The Robertson! Rage! Micky's! Eleven! Here Lounge !

Andy Santiago, MJs! Anthony Saldana, Micky's!
Billy Ray, Bootsy Bellows! Charles Kinsley, Motherlode! Hunter Smit, Eleven!
John Foehl, Motherlode! Jordan, Here Lounge! Matthew James McCarthay, Eleven! Michael Polli, Gym Bar! Michael Sullivan, Cafe De Etoille! Michael Vega, Motherlode! Jesse, Gold Coast!
Pablo, Here Lounge!

Maruita, Micky's ! Sammy D'Angelo Fiesta! Shelly Das, Eleven Night Club! Trent Mock, Fubar!
Kyle, Motherlode! Jason, Th!e Abbey!

DownTown Personality!

Nacho Nava! Rude Ness! Ms Honey Bee! Phade-Dra-Phey! Melissa Brown! Isla Jones!

Best Gay Bar!

Trunks! Motherlode!
St Felix!
Gold Coast! Hamburger Mary’s! Revolver! Fiesta Cantina! Fubar! Bayou! Gym!Bar!

Event Weekly!

Lip Service! Mustache! Manhole!
Evita! HotRod! Stripper Circus! BFD, Fubar! Hard Werk, Micky's! Booty Bumpin' Fridays! Rasp!utin!

#1 DJ!
Josh Peace! Paulo Ramirez! Casey Alva! Dawna Montell! Ben Castro! Derek Monterio! Draven Josh! Nelstar! Euro Steve! Peter David! Brandon Wilde! Luke Allen!

Most Lovable Fag Hag!

Hana Mae Lee! Chanel Perillo! Shirleen Mojica! Kelly Burke! Erica Minor! Sarah Smart!

Most Lickable AC Model!

Murray Swanby! Cheddy O! Stephen Snider! Shawn Stolz! Vladamir Smhygol! Rome DiMaggio!

Fiercest Queen!

Melissa Befierce! Whilemina Caviar! April Showers! Misty Violet! Holly Wood! Cake Moss! Jenna Marx! Kiki Xtravaganza! Mayhem Miller! Veronica Pop! Smooches! Kay Sedia!

Top Socialite!
Lucas John! Nova Cayne! Matt Flinn! Jason Wimberly! Brendan Vaughn! Markus Molinari! Patrick DiLascia! Eric Morse!

Most Beloved Council Member!

Abbe Land! John Heilman! Jeffrey Prang! John Duran! John D’Amico! 

Best New Business! 

Posh Pet Care! Lyft!!!

Top Designer!

Marco Marco! Patrick Dilascia! Seth Pratt! Rojas! Omega Collektiv! Maro Luz! Mister Triple X!

Favorite Local Performing Artist!

Courtney Stodden! Brooke Candy! Willam Belli! Detox Icunt! Vicky Vox! Raja Gemini! Manilla Luzon! 



  1. suprise? i love when ignorant hate mongers prove their ignorance :)

    1. Why are you here, troll?

    2. @10:34 I am sorry you didn't make the cut for the video.

      Who are you again?

    3. You must not be anyone in this city lol

  2. Chris Clark? Joe Hollywood? All the people that you pretend to trash online so you all feel relevant? Pathetic.....

  3. Clearly they spent every dollar this dumb fucking site ever made on this video.

  4. Last year the had so many people show up you could not walk around. Im getting there early and for the free drinks

  5. I can't wait for this shit. I get to meet all the trash!

  6. my skin is black yours is white i will Rob youFebruary 3, 2014 at 3:15 PM

    Hello..I am black and will take bus 30 from Leimert park to attend the show tonite . I iwll drink and do my drugs and be lit like a tree on Christmas morning....


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