Where 2 Be Thirsty: Welfare Tuesdays @ Fubar - Launch Party #WeHo

Aren't you tired of being over charged for drinks on Tuesdays?

Lucas John, a trend setting art connoisseur & pop culture pioneer invites you to the launch of his new weekly party.... WellFare Tuesdays @ Fubar.

To celebrate the fact that drinks are now only $5 at Fubar, all night on Tuesdays, Lucas has teamed up with LA's most talented underground artists of 2014 to bring you cheaply priced BOOZE!

Wait what's only $5 ? ? ? 
      $5 cocktails     
 $5 any beer 
 $5 any wine
 $5 any shot

☆ ☆ ☆  No Cover  ☆ ☆ ☆ 

Hosted by: 
Kiki Xtravaganza Mr. Lucas John  Melissa Brown  Erik Rosete 

Art by: 
Ricky Sencion ☆ Sham Ibrahim  Anonymous  Mark Young  

Performances by: 
Misty Violet  Michael Jackson  Miss Conception 



  1. You're about as trendy as Bobby. Art? Connoisseur? Recycling Andy Warhol's original concept is not art. It is a cheap party trick. Craft maybe, but not art.

    1. You talk shit but you don't actually make any points.

    2. Blowena- Blow quandras cosuin from leimert park!January 20, 2014 at 1:00 PM

      You sound like a jelaous Nigger. On this day of praise to the Late Dr Martin Luther King I beseech your name in the name of our heavely father! Bobby Trendy is Famous and has a pet foundation and giving back to the animal kingdom. Sham Ibriham is showcasing his idea of art not yours. Please i beg of you you colored skinned idiot to go back to Slauson/ central blvds where your mother Cleans homes for ware houses that are closed and i beg of you to eat shit and die!

  2. Will yu reely except EBT as a form of paymint?? Hollah if ya swallah!

  3. I will be at Evita for the free drinks & when the open bar closes at 1030 I will cross the street to Fubar for $5 cocktails & the enjoy the drag shows. I am not paying $14 for one vodka cranberry at Evita when I can have 3 vodka cranberries for the same price. See you at Evita until 1030 then I am off to WelfareTuesdays at Fubar for the drag show.

  4. Whoa Nelly! Get a grip ladies. Andy Warhol was a pop culture pioneer. Lucas John is a petty wannabe (wannabe what?, not sure) but lets keep it real, K? Or in this instance Special K!


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