Welfare Tuesdays at Fubar - Get Drunk & Have fun on any Budget

Fuck paying $14 for a vodka cranberry on a Tuesday night!!

At Welfare Tuesdays drinks/shots/beer/wine are all just $5!!!!

Come for the cheap booze, stay for the drag shows & the tunes you know.

Door by Melissa Brown

Atmosphere curated by Kiki Xtravaganza

Art by David Jordan & Sham

Sponsored by Dragbook.com.

DJ Draven josh spins old school 80s, 90s & the hits of today.



  1. What is Brownie gonna be at the door? She doesn't share her coke!!!

  2. I will be at Evita for the open bar until 1030 & than I will skip, skip to my LoO to FU.. bar for the 11 o'clock show. Maybe I will pop over to have a cigarette & Evita ... than right back to Fubar for the 1 am show. Thanks be to the Gay Lord... a night out I can finally afford.

  3. I hate Lucas John but the booze were $5 as promised & that DJ was giving me life. Michael Jackson sang live... and he was so amazing!!!

  4. My White eyes in your winders!January 28, 2014 at 1:05 AM

    I enjoyed my free liqur at Evita and used the toilet as I had the runs from some chili I had in the frige last Tuesday nite...then I walked over to the um Fubars and Yes I got my drink on for $ 5 dollers and did my drugs and I swear my diahrhea went away. Can you belive some $ 5 doller cocktails dried up my inerds? I drank and did my drugs .. them Michael Jackson sang to me an di was just on cloud 9!!! And yes tomroow I will be Back at Evita for my free drinks excepts its um kinda ghettoe they han dyou a drink ticket ...but hey imma drink for free , pass some gas.. then I will be back at the FU to get drunk and hign and get ready to bottom again!!

  5. I am black yes i will rob youJanuary 28, 2014 at 1:08 AM

    Hi there everyone on this site.
    I am black
    Yes i will be at the free bar at Evita to drink and not tip
    Then ill be at Fubar to drink for cheap and have $ to tip
    This is what typical Black Skinned folk do

  6. Luke Nero is on Meth & Andres follows his guest into the bathroom to steal their coke. No one paid for booze at Evita. They are failures.


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