Rasputin Reports Record Breaking Numbers w/ New Promo Team:

Robertson Nightclub would like to thank the 1500 wonderful patrons that walked through the “Rasputin –Legends Never Die” doors.  The unprecedented energy was felt throughout the entire night and we are grateful to all of you.  It just shows to prove that a venue with a hard work ethic can overcome even the most negative of adversaries. We stand by our brand and defend it wholeheartedly.
At this time, we would like to thank all our noted hosts for their commitment to producing a welcoming and fun night; our talented DJs: DrewG, Saratonin, Draven Josh and Brandon Wilde for keeping our guests sweating; our amazing and professional promoter allies that supported us every step of the way; and the hats go off to our amazing street team, that, in their unique methods of engaging the community (via t-shirt and plush toy giveaways, character/mascots appearances and the epic party bus), yielded such an incredible turnout.
We are nowhere near finished in raising your expectations and experience at your favorite weekend location.  This Saturday, for example, we have singing/acting sensation Christina Milian debuting her DJ skills as she will be playing a set for all of you!
All testaments that the best is yet to come.
And as always, we never charge a cover and encourage everyone to come early to avoid the long lines. We hope to see all of you again this Saturday and if you haven’t been to Rasputin in a while, now is the perfect time to come back with some friends and make new ones. Hope you enjoy the pictures!
Working hard every day,
The Robertson Family


  1. Hey Wehoconfidental, Let me know when you are done being a hooker for the Factory. Honestly this site has just turned into a late night infomercial for Rasputin. We get it you don't like Luke and your getting paid by the Factory to post this shit but please Get your paycheck from them and MOVE THE FUCK ON.
    Also I walked by on Saturday. From the little I saw the clientele left a bit to be desired (Also the Abbey had a fucking longer line). Big numbers or not I think The party here is over.

  2. The only reason I would prefer to go to this Rasputin instead of the old is the fact that the past promoters weren't paid enough and decided to quit. Hate people who whine and complain, especially about a gay night that no one will remember in 5 years just like all the other ones.

  3. Hi everyone , I went there and did my drugs and then got drunk...I had a good time...was no diferent then 3 moths ago an dguess what I will be there again this week high and drunk and ill be dancing to good music then will head to the bath houses...Let freedom ring in the name of the late Dr Marten luther King I bessech his name tonite and Sat nite!

  4. I heard Mellisa Brown will be headlining this Sat!!!

  5. FUCK YOU MELLISA! You are not headling SHIT! I heard Cake Moss is teh headliner you best SHUT your TRap.

  6. Murray gave 3 people Aids. 6 people anal warts. Pablo and I made sweet love ever so sweetly in the after noon yesterday then Pablo spent the lat evenin with Murray and guess what? Pablo just ate my ass. Hey Murray you need some cheeeck bones, an ass an da boy friend cause you DON'T have one


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