OUT: Conner Mertens

Place kicker Conner Mertens at the Willamette University in Oregon has come out to his college football team and now the world.

"I'm bisexual," Mertens told coach Fowles. "I like dudes. I have a boyfriend. And next week, I'm going to tell the world."

Congratulations go out to Conner on his courage of coming out and doing what most people fear, due to the fact that we are still living in a world where the LGBT community isn't always as 'welcomed' as our own.

"It's always been the football community that scared me the most when I've thought about coming out," Mertens said.

You are a pioneer Conner!
The best is yet to come. 



  1. Read this yesterday on another site but still lovin this story!

  2. I am his boyfriend. I'm a gay cheerleader. He acts all man on the field but is all girl in bed. I'm glad he came out; it took me f***ing his brother to make it happen. Hey Daddy! Your sons like my co*k! Heard you like theirs, too!


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