Mean Boyz by Todrick Hall ft. Chris Crocker


The amount of makeup these queens caked on for this is... Epic!!
This is pretty much what WeHo is really like .... well at least in our own heads this is what it's like but with more coke & by coke we mean... rat poison mixed with baby powder. With all of that being said... well played BITCHES!




  1. so unoriginal......

    1. And tardy to the party. Isn't that movie almost 10 years old? And a total rip-off of Heathers? F**king BALTIMORE has better culture than WeHo!

  2. How ... sad. Mean Girls is not the be-all-end-all MOMENT of gay life! It wasn't even that good of a movie! Like most tops, it got tired way before the end. At best it could be edited down to a 30 minute sitcom pilot for the CW, doomed to fail before the season ended. I get that so many of you think you are Reginas, but in reality you're just vaginas. I vow to throw a drink in the face of the next millennial gay who makes a reference to this movie at the bar! You have been warned.

  3. All i know i sthat i Stole 3 pairs of underwear and a pair of running shoes at Andrew Christians store today
    They gave me 7 dollers for teh shoes at cross roads so Im fne

  4. chris crocker and his boyfriend live together and fuck people together gross


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