Joe Hollywood ( Leaves A Voicemail For Jackie Beat

We can NOT with this one! Lulz
"Excuse me, Do YOU need a chair?!"
"Who ARE you?! I googled you and THEY didn't know who you are!"
"Who? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who!? Mario Da-Who? Jackie LARamada?" 

Miss Jackson


  1. Jackie started the fight. Jackie posted mean tweets. Jackie posted on peoples facebook mean things about Joe months back.

    Jackie get a life!

    1. I like Mario Diaz, but for Jackie to be posting a 3 paragraph essay about Joe and posting it all over facebook is borderline obsessive.


      But Mario is still the best!

    2. I love how in the essays she wrote about Joe Hollywood she claims she is the best performing artist and all her friends are a list celebrities.

      Lol jackie dream on.

    3. honetly i hate both of them.

  2. Abbey fired jackie because she was the reason H1N1 had a huge outbreak years back.

    David Cooley demanded she used a fishing hook to gather tips because they didn't want her disease.

    OH ya and who could remember how she stormed out of abbey after she farted on stage!!!!!

  3. Replies
    1. he actually looks like he is 11.


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