How Does This Person Pay His Rent ? ? ?

......speaking of the rent...

Slusia slusia has a room 4 rent ! Complete with a toilet. His Roomate was re moved from the 2 bed room apt @ 7:09 this morning as he will be moving back to Death Valley to live with his mother Onie. So if you wood like a roof over your head and a working toilet and wood like to live with this uneek person leave a COMINT below so he can contact you!

Sister Watts


  1. Blow quandras Moving on UPPPPPP ur nostrils!January 28, 2014 at 5:32 PM

    Fuck yah I will move my Black ass n2 that apartmint. And ridddle ridddle it with some MORE drug parafinllia!!! Dang ill move on to westbone ave and cruise the 24 hour fitness at ALL hours of the nite!!!! Ill turn that place n2 a BATH house!!! I need to get high right about now. Hey Alusia- I met you at Negra's Wigs on Slasuon last year does you remember? I helped you with yur tap card that day sister! Id love to move ouut Compton and DONT YOU worry HOW the rent will be paid. as it WILL BE PAYED. I dont care if i have to skin a white womans face and skull to mak ea bowling bag ouuta it and sell it on Ebay as a one of a kind hand bag to rich white folk it will be paid! I swear i would remove Susan Boyes nipples to make a pair of earrings for the Queen of the Nile to pay that rent!!! As a matter of fact I may even BOYLE my Chihuahua and make some savory soup outta him for th erich Asian lady who owns Forever 21 provided they let my Black ass through her gated comminity along with my crock pot I stole from Ma Bells thirft shop and sewage removal store on Crensahw and Adams blvd..... Alusia how about it?
    Let me no!

    Blow quandra!

  2. Um Bloquandra- It's me Mavette- um I have had my eyes on that crash pad for about 6 months now. I waz going to rob it but now I wouldnt not mind moving in!
    Blowquandra you's got a nice 2 bedroom in Compton acros from Virgil's Chicken stand and muffler shop, so why move? I know be triffling with old Virgil and his brother Virsel on Saturday nites so why move? Didint you just get a new bike?
    Any ways Blowquandra let me have first dibs at the apt! I'll load up your tap card and get your momma that new coat she saw at the good will on Bverly before she was arrested for armed robbery... Ok Blow?

  3. Amos 2768 Manchster, ingle wood ca 90002January 28, 2014 at 5:50 PM

    Mavette, its me Amos from the from the Slauson donut shop on Florence- what is you doing acting like you could live up there with them white folk? Girl you is outaa yo everloving mind , child, have you and your sister Bongkneesha been hitting the Hennessy bottle you be snaching from the Korean lad's liqur store on Manchester? You's rember what happined to um Latasha Harlin dont cha? Korean lady took out her dang gun and shot Latasha right smack dab in her poop chute!! Dont you be endding up like Latasha Harlin!! And Blowquandra- you to..You be actng the same way- girl the ONLY time you would be allowed in them nayborhoods is if you were there to clean, child yes Clean them white folk garages cause you sho no they wouldnt let you in they house!! You best girl stick to working at Mabels copper plumbing and sewage removal and knitting shop and yo part time job selling Mary Jane to them janitors a the Martin luther King Center!!! Cant belive you be acting so white these days Blowquandra- if yo daddy was ouuta jail and saw you like this he beat yo boooty!

  4. She dresses up in onesies and invites FUR chasers over. She a fur chaser hooker! And her butt hole tastes like elmer's glue!

  5. I always see this crossdresser walking the streets of WeHo alone after the clubs close

    1. she is a transexual prostitue, and it actually pays well, but she gets free meds from the clinic cause she is payed under the table and Covered California covers it.

  6. My black ass will smoke and be hi in front of the clergyJanuary 29, 2014 at 11:35 AM

    Good morning everyone..Im high right now. And I would love to move in that apartment and smoke some Maryjane till the ealry hours of the morning then go into a screaming tangent as if if had that ok with you drag queen?

  7. she looks like Pandora Boxx after she got caught moppin' something from your purse!!!!!


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