Andrew Christian
January 9, 2014

But RLY Though...Adore Delano Doesn't Do DRUGS

Everyone nose a water and cocaine don't mix & Adore is a Mermaid.


  1. if she wins I'm quitting life

  2. Courtney Act, Darienne Lake and Kelly Mantle are the top 3. Adore was eliminated half way through the competition.

    1. Yup this is the real deal heard the same thing. Gays can't lee their mouth shut and the Drags get jealous and tell the Tea, no sugar!

    2. U got one right... an "LA" queen.

  3. Pretty sure Adore is sent packing back to american idol audition by the 6th queen sent packing. THE SHADE OF IT ALL!

  4. RuPaul is the one telling people the secrets! lol he is the loudest fucking mouth in the world fuck those contract for 2 million dollars to keep those queens lips shut is pointless. Adore goes home soon and is trying to get all the attention she can as of now before she withers away into the dust of west hollywood.

  5. LOL kelly mantle in the top 3, the "real deal"


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