Andrew Christian Models Caught in Domestic Dispute !!

Murray & Pablo

 Murray Swanby was allegedly choked out by Pablo Hernandez after a long day of Sunday Fundaying. Apparently the two "models" were fighting over whose turn it is to pay the rent... or whatever! Any who... Pablo was arrested & taken to jail according an eye witness on the scene. 

Murray was spotted wearing a hat the very next at Hamburger Mary's being consoled by a fellow Andrew Christian "model' Jeffrey Hawkins. 

We'd like to take this moment to wish Murray a speedy recovery & even though there are two sides to every story.... we encourage all victims of domestic abuse to seek support.



  1. I am not going to read this and not comment because this story isn't the full truth. Sunday I did blow with Murray and we got coffee at starbucks before we started the day. Later we did more and more drugs, I then left and this story came out.

    Hey Murray do you honestly know how many loads you took the night before? This hungover, coked out, drug was asking to be choked.

    When no more coke Murray gets even more queener than any other Faggot I know.

    1. ^ Now that sounds accurate. I honestly do not know either of these models, I have only seem them out in the gayborhood.

      But I can honestly say that Murray has to be the ugliest AC model. He needs a serious jaw/chin reduction.

  2. Murray gets next to nothing working at Abbey. Underware modeling and ESCORTING pay the bills. Dumbasses!

    1. They were fighting over tips/drug money.

      Both addicts.

      Both Poz.


  3. Well I am going to hangout with Murray at Evita until the open bar closes at 1030. Than I will skip across the street to Fubar where I hear the drinks are only $5 on Tuesdays.

  4. I was recently told about this "website". And I have to say.... WTF is wrong with all of you that reply to these things? You all know that you are lying sacks of crap who sadly are such negative parts of the gay community for writing such huge lies about people. WTF do you get out of being such assholes?

    -David Foley

    1. Lol I dunno how I came across this but yeah these ppl are ridiculous

  5. Booking No.: 3838816 Last Name: HERNANDEZ First Name: PABLO Middle Name:

    Sex: M Race: H Date Of Birth: 05/13/1987 Age: 26 Hair: BRO Eyes: BRO Height: 511 Weight: 175

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  6. Does any one recall teh Anal warts drama with Murray from last fall? I 'd like to hear more about that. How come he does not have any cheek bones? I sthat a sign of the hiv?

  7. I am nude right now and getting ready to hit the bars...I dont think any one cares about A door person that was argueing over his rent

  8. While these two guys are way hotter than I will ever be, and I truly don't wish them any ill will, I must say that they are a prime example of what happens when couples in the public eye (be it film, TV, or even WeHo underwear models) overpublicize their relationships. It makes them even more doomed to fail.

  9. #Powercouple. NOT lmao

  10. One i s a doorman the other one is a waiter..Now who on God's ever so greem earth would want to be them? They dont even have car

    1. LOL murray doesnt have any cheek bones. He has to be one of the most superficial unkind person in the world that only cares about drugs and getting in the press.

    2. Superficial. Drugs.

      2 words that keep coming to mind when it comes to models and people I know personally who associate with Andrew Christian.

  11. it's sad but i like the art work


  13. The mysteries to me are:
    1) If your boyfriend beats you up why wouldn't you delete all the lovey dovey photos of the two of you on social media? If someone harmed me the last thing I'd want to see is me embracing him.
    2) How is Murray an underwear model when he has no ass?
    3) When will people stop being so desperate for attention they feel the need to post everything from their lives instead of having privacy. The only reason people are reacting to this is because these guys post everything for the world to see -- and now criticize.

    If you actually have a life, you don't have to spend half your time trying to convince people you do.

    1. I love it when weho con post bills/police papers.

      now this site is getting juicy!

      oh ya and please stop with the rasputin, we are NOT going.

  14. Murray looks a bit like Ed Norris from American History X. But, with more hair.

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  16. I have a video of Pablo cracked out on T getting bred by a gross fat fuck for cash


    2. ummm can i get a copy of this video?


  17. can you please post more pics of pablo hernandez getting breed or the video please, on xtube or dropbox or something please! I don't care that hes all tweaked out thanks in advanced

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