Adore Thanks Her Fellow Fishes!

"My life is about to change in a matter of a few weeks and I just wanna thank EVERYONE who has been a part of my life every step of the way.. I am forever grateful for you all & I can't wait to meet you on tour! (dates & info coming soon)"

Awww, You're Welcome!!!

Are you all WET from the anticipation of seeing this mermaid on the screen like we are ? ? ?

Norma Lee Drunk


  1. I'll always love and follow this bitch. Def team Adore!

  2. She owe everything to this website. Back when all the bitches tried to throw her under a rug she was on here every week.

  3. I wouldn't be surprised if the editors make her the bitch of the season like they did with Phi Phi and all her fans would start thinking she is a horrible person for real

  4. Honayyy she on top of the world right now.

  5. i ADORE the fact that she gets the stilettoe BOOT after the 3 rd episode.
    phi phi i think passed about 2 weaks ago. What the hell ever happined to Zahara Davenport or did Manilla throw her under the bus since Manilla became much more famous then ahara and BeBe Benet Zahara? What about that mexican cleaning idiot- Madame Laqueer? She still cleaning toliets in the bronx on the day shift? And penertaion ? Has that hold then the hills MAN doen anything with her life since the show other then take Tums everynite? She passed too much gas on the show any how.

  6. Lol no.. Just no.

  7. Just saw this post and I could not believe it! I guess its not worth a reply.


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