The Andrew Christian Holiday Video is Here:

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through WeHo, not a creature was stirring. The patrons were lined by the bar looking sad. Left lonely on Christmas, who wouldn't be mad? When the front door swung open and made such a clatter, and arrived the police to see what was the matter. But these cops weren't friendly, and looking to fight. Who would save these poor people from their hopeless plight? When suddenly who, in a blink, should appear? But some magical beings wearing AC gear. Hunky Santas had come to save Christmas that night, and make sure their shindig was started just right. With a sprinkle of dust, off came all the cops clothes, and turned all the officers to ho-ho-hoes. Then Fubar was filled with the sounds of great joy. Not to mention, of course, a little boy-on-boy. And that was how Andrew Christian helped save the day, by spreading good cheer and making the!



  1. Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to look at hot guys and not being able to, because the crappy editing and abusive lighting make this video a clusterfuck (and not in a good way). They need to take another try with this.

  2. why the hell is matthew lush in this video? ruins the whole thing.

  3. As usual, another crappy video from Andrew Christian. Dumb and pointless with ugly guys. Over it.

  4. Christmas Video at FUBAR! Who choreographed that weird dance?? The highlight of the video was doing the limbo under two police sticks?? A better video could be made by a 5 year old and some red and green paint and a finger puppet. Looks like AC is digging their own grave. It was a nice few years but nobody wants to be insulted by crap like this.


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