Sneak a Peek @ The New Cooley's in WeHo

To be  honest entrepreneurs often come into this town & try to take over all the time.
They do things half-assed & are surprised when they fail.
This is certainly not the story with the new Cooley's! 
David Cooley started out with a small coffee shop in 1991 & this is only his second restaurant.

Floor Plan
Left (SMB) to Right (Park)

North Elevation 
(facing the park)

South Elevation
(Santa Monica Blvd.)

Cooley's architect said that he envisions that the space will function like a gastropub however the menu has yet to be designed & the architectural plans are still going thorough the approval process. Assuming things go smoothly we can anticipate a Mid-Summer opening in 2014.



  1. bigger than the abbey and smaller restrooms???? CRAZY!!

  2. Considering the plans have hills behind it... the architect might first want to remember what side of the street he is on.

  3. Actually, you're the idiot. The plans say it's the side facing the park. So, looking at it from that side, the Hollywood Hills are behind it.

  4. It kind of looks like Mickeys with the indoor/ outdoor patio and the gigantic bar right in the middle of the common area. The grey color of the facade is the same color as Mickeys as well. They shouldn't call it Cooleys they should call it Mickeys West.


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