Eddie's Barbershop Destroyed by Drunk Driver

Sources say that a drunk driver who was mad as hell driving wild and crazy crashed into the barbershop around 3 am after racing down Westbourne and hitting a parked car. We don't think 3 am is the time for a drive thru fade. The sheriffs later arrest this idiot, pull out their reading glasses and read him to filth before stuffing his ass in that squad car. 

We guess prison orange is his color and his drink of choice is whatever is on sale. 

Patty Mayonnaise 


  1. im in 936 westbourneDecember 16, 2013 at 8:43 AM

    I loved this !!!! I have benn waiting for something like this to hapen!!!
    I was as high as can be sitting next door at the corn grill smoking soem TINA when this happned oh i loved it...I later went in and swiped some shampoos


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