Is Amanda Bynes is Back to Blond or is she Wigging Out?

Looks like Amanda Bynes is finally on the right track now that she's been rehabbed. The former Disney starlet has been spotty in the OC touring a design school & at Disneyland with her mom. Looks like we won't be reading any "UGLY" tweets in 2013. We miss the old Amanda already.


Ps - Does anyone else see the resemblance between her & Joe Hollywood?


  1. Lol they both have Bethany Frankle Bulimic cheeks!

    Gurls stop binging and purging!

    1. I miss the old Amanda :(

    2. They BOTH have a lot in common, they both have parents that don't have the balls to stand up to their idiot child and then let the State of California "Mentally Take Care of them" using my damn tax dollars!!!


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