Chad Michaels Names #MisteryQueen on #Season6 #RupalsDragRace #RDR

On this week's episode of WeHo Confidential ...

The Reddit Queens attempt to get to the "BOTTOM" of a Chad Michaels Tweet that insinuates that Vicky Vox is a RDR Season 6 Mistery Queen.

Is this just a distraction from reminding us that Courtney Act already won this season?

We all know Vicky was reporting to her DWV gigs when the show started filming so we're going to call BULL$HIT!!



  1. holy shit my tip made it lol

  2. Your Drag Race gossip is terrible....and, usually incorrect.

    Pretty sure NO ONE has won RPDR 6 'cause they're doing it like they've done the last couple years...three finalists then a decision at the end of the season to avoid shitty spoilers.

  3. Chad Michaels doesn't even have a instagram that page is fake


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