Alaska ThunderFuck Drops a "Ru Gurl" Track & Sharon Needles

Apparently Alaska is HOE-ficially single, moving to LA & ready to mingle for the Holigays!!

As if we didn't have enough Drag Queens in Le Gayborhood already!

Watch out WeHo we've got a new "RU GURL" on our hands this the Nude Year....



  1. Mike Thacker on WestboruneDecember 19, 2013 at 12:12 PM

    No one cared enough to comment on this so I will.
    The fact is no one cares about drag queens in the gay community?
    Who are they? No one. They are men who dress up in female atire to achive attention. The gay community is about hot guys haveing man and man sex.
    Bye Bye drag queens stay in your apartments on Brendo street in Boyle heights and pary to mother Mary like all the wet backs do in Boyle heights, rosemad, el monte', and lynwood.
    I am going to get on Grinder now and have sex with a hot guy and do some more drugs

  2. What's with all the dragoons being on TV for 5 seconds and then thinking they can all release songs. This shit won't even go tinfoil....


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