A Message From Jake Mason

To:  Eleven Nightclub
From: Jake Mason

"So head's up. If you don't finish your drink by 1:50am and you're at Eleven then I guess that gives them the right to elbow you in the face and slap your drink to the ground. No joke. Out of nowhere. I am going to do all I can to fucking destroy that place."

Well huntys, you've heard it from James. Finish those drinks by 1:50am or those pretty little faces are getting elbowed. 



  1. Its law they have to start taking drinks at 1:50. IS this guy and idiot? Plus if he tries to destroy 11 it's called bidness interference and can face a lawsuit. K bey

    maybe this site needs to back the bars. I hate 11 but like seriously this is a joke. And why is is James Mason if it's jake mason?

  2. Amateurs. West Coast Hipsters. Try NYC.

    Our bars close at 4:00AM You want sloppy,rude,wasted? Try holding on to that baby at 3:59.

    Manhattan Muscle


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