Where 2 Be: Booty Bumpin' Friday 11/08/13

It's BUTT night every Friday at FUBAR where 
DJ Brandon Wilde 
spins the tracks that make your MUSSY POP! 

 No Cover, GoGo boys in Marco Marco Jocks & Cheap Drinks! 

 The GoGo boy who gets tipped the least gets fired from next week's lineup & the winner of our amateur GoGo contest gets his job. 

 Avoid DUIs & take the Weho Trolley!



  1. haha lucas john what a pussy, cannot even keep a Romeo Fink article up for more than an hour without murray coming to his rescue.


  2. I guess someone is getting it without a condim to give out the special favors.

  3. http://www.wehoconfidential.com/2013/11/lance-luciano-lets-topher-dimaggio-have.html#.Un249r7Tm-V


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