Traffic Cops are Coming to Town

Bigger + Faster = Louder

In response to congestion being caused by 1,000,000 sf in crappy new buildings the WEHO city council has decided to adopt a plan to add traffic cops to 9 intersections during rush hour in an attempt to reduce congestion.

Sheriff’s deputies and parking enforcement officers will soon be stationed from 4 to 7 p.m. at  the following 9 intersections:

Santa Monica Boulevard:
Doheny Drive
San Vicente Boulevard
La Cienega Boulevard
Crescent Heights Boulevard
Fairfax Avenue
La Brea Avenue – and at three intersections along 

Sunset Boulevard:
Horn Avenue-Holloway Drive 
La Cienega



  1. that's great as long as they don't simply direct cars per the signal? how will that help???

  2. It will help keep the intersections clear. Try proceeding north on La Brea and Fountain in evening rush hour. The east-bound jackasses on Fountain never fail to block the fucking intersection, regardless of what color the light is.

    I look forward to the increased bare-backing opportunities as well.

  3. Now I see why they're opening that new doughnut place where Bite used to be...

  4. Can someone please rewrite this that uses correct grammar, doesn't forget important words and maybe can..WRITE. I have no idea what this article says.


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