Update on Protecting Tower Records on Sunset Blvd.



A new date has been set for the appeal before the city council for the Tower Records store on the Sunset Strip to be historically preserved. It is now scheduled for Monday, November 18that 6:30pm at the city council chambers located at 625 North San Vicente Boulevard between Melrose Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard. Anyone can come and appear in person to speak for two minutes for this appeal. If you are unable to come in person then you can still email: SReich@weho.org and Ccouncil@weho.org or call city council offices at: 323 848-6460. Over 1600 music fans have signed online petition on Change.org at: http://chn.ge/1e5yF92

Tower Records stores used to be everywhere and now the most famous Tower Records store on the Sunset Strip in Southern California has music fans rallying to preserve the building and location.

Last spring the city of West Hollywood’s Historic Preservation Commission had two meetings where they agreed there was definitely an overwhelming significant cultural, social and music history for this Tower Records store. But then the commission got hung up on mere aesthetics of red and yellow paint and additional advertising marketing signage. The commissioners did try to recommend a plaque or perhaps a music square as recognition. Unfortunately the commissioners disagreed about full preservation of the location and structure. The majority of music fans and experts want full preservation of the location and structure. The original Tower Records store opened in November 1970 and began with no additional advertising marketing signage at all. The original applicant for preservation of this store is well-known historian and author of “Riot on Sunset: Rock and Roll’s Last Stand,” Domenic Priore. 
Residents and music fans know that the commissioners last spring missed an important opportunity to preserve the location and site. But now there is a second chance as the Tower Records Store is up for reconsideration with the appeal to the city council.
During it's almost four decades this Tower Records store on the happening Sunset Strip had become something of a Hollywood landmark in its own right. Open until 1 AM on weekends, Tower Records was the most popular Tinsel town hangout, and a scene all its own. This flagship store of the Tower Records chain could once claim to be "the largest record store in the nation." Tower Records store has always retained its legendary status. You would never know who you might see there. Rock groups and individual performers showed up regularly in person at the store for impromptu concerts or autograph sessions, and special promotional events were common. 

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  1. I grew up in L.A. and spent a whole lot of time at that Tower Records location when I was young. But hasn't this horse kind of left the gate already? Tower Records died a million years ago. That spot has been a bunch of other (failed) things since, and there is nothing architecturally wonderful about the building or the lot to justify its preservation.
    This really just sounds like a shady movement organized by people who live above the lot, to prevent any new construction from blocking their views...

    1. Exactly! 100% agreed!

    2. I completely agree. Tear down that ugly POS.

  2. There was nothing great about this store when it was open. Tear the thing down now!

  3. We had a Tower records in my local mall, and there was one near my College, and one in New York, and they were all really over-priced and the employees were always rude. Get over it.

  4. Yep ... there's nothing significant about the building ... including Tower Records. I don't understand the effort to memorialize a concrete tilt-up building with no architectural importance.

  5. after they moved her albums away from barbra streisands albums and into the rock section, my friend dropped acid with bette midler on the floor after the store closed------

    the building looks like it was slapped together back in the day------ but we need to somehow recognize rock history on the strip before the weho council bulldozes everything


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