Man Catches On Fire At 2013 West Hollywood Halloween - Dies At Hospital [VIDEO]

Over Halloween at the West Hollywood Parade, Gilbert Estrada caught fire and later died the following morning at Cedars. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family. RIP.

Police are currently searching for answers as to how he caught on fire, and do not know if it was accidental or if the victim was intentionally set on fire.

If you know anything at all, contact the WeHo Sheriff's West Hollywood Station.

780 N. San Vicente Bl.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 855-8850 [map]

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  1. he was on drugs and lit himself on fire.

  2. Lexi Levinthal was last seen with gasoline and a butane...

    1. I do agree, was Lexi some sort of Meth Lab Maker?

      but then again she was with Kyle Clark, who lets just say me and him had a little too much fun in the bathrooms.

      Holy fuck is he packing! And a total top!!

    2. what a shame!

  3. My friend and I were standing no more than 10 feet away! It happened at the stage between La Cienega and West Knoll. It actually occurred on the center island (we were standing on cedar). I looked to my left and saw a massive stream of terrifying sparks and smoke arising. I thought the cedar had caught fire next to us, since there was predominant crackling sound.

    Suddenly, my friend was pushed down in the stampede to escape and trampled! The smoke then moved to the street where I had assumed it was a trash can fire, until we caught a glimpse. The man was laying face down, bleeding from his hands. The girl next to us kept screaming about his missing fingers, and there was a repeating theory going around that he had a firework or explosive on him.

    I barely know anything more than this, as there were about 5 people between myself and the flames. My condolences to the this gentleman's family and friends. I'm shocked by the lack of media coverage on this.

  4. Those of you making jokes and/or using these comments to draw attention to yourselves and your sexcapades that evening really disgust me, this coming from someone who laughs at people who pretend to be outraged. someone lost their life, in a very tragic horrific way, what part do you not get?

  5. People are so vile these days. Cheering & only being concerned with, "Did you get that on camera, nigga?" when a human being just went up in flames. Wow. Sick world.


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