Lucas John's Birthday Bash Friday @ Fubar 11.15.13

Make way y'all!!! It's Lucas John's Birfday this Friday at Fubar. 

Lucas is so blessed to be surrounded by the most talented & fun loving people in LA & this is going to be a night to remember. So come on over baby & show the birthday boy some LOVE!! 

 Free entry, Cheap Booze & Booty Dancers !!! 
DJ Ben Castro & Dj Brandon Wilde will be in the house. 
 Custom Jocks sponsored by Marco Marco.

For those of you who don't know... Scorpios sure know how to party & Lucas's scorpio brother from another mother Erik Rosete will also be in the house to celebrate his own birthday. 

Don't forget to take the WeHo Trolley to Fubar & avoid DUIs. 
Ask the Trolley Driver for Drink Specials & stop inforomation!




  1. This site keeps getting worse and worse.. all we get is flyers for trashy clubs??? what happened to the funny and interesting post??

  2. I am assuming Brooke Candy is performering? or are you just stealing her image for some inexplicable reason.

    1. Obviously you haven't been to Fubar on Friday. We play her songs there & she's a female rapper that inspires me. This is a party for my birthday & if you're coming assuming anything other than that it's my birthday... stay home! If she were performing it would say so.

    2. would think someone as BIG as Lucas John could have his Bday party hosted anywhere in LA, why Fubar???. I mean..havent you told me before that you have all these major connections? You hang in VIP rooms and brush elbows with celebrities. Enjoy your 3 free drink tickets!!!

  3. We play her songs there & she's a female rapper that (who!) inspires me. Geez... grammar!

  4. Wow, my wig just blew off... Brooke Candy inspires you? To do what?

    1. there is nothing wrong with promoting events. Though I do have to agree with some of the above, this website has changed for the worse

  5. Website is shit now, as is Lucas, glad I missed this trashy night and all the trash that attended.


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