Andrew Christian
November 1, 2013

Lance Luciano lets Topher Dimaggio HAVE IT!


  1. Topher is friends with Murray, bad move, Welcome to WeHo Con!

    1. Austin Wilde said that Topher is the rudest porn actor ever and he would never work with him again.

      Its funny how the whole ton hates him after only 2 months of being here.

      Not to mention, he beat the shit out of my girlfriend...

    2. he has pissed off the whole town in WeHo in a short matter of time. What an asshole. He is cute but those eyebrows are wack...

    3. It is so sad what has happened to Murray -- once one of the best-liked and nicest guys around, now coming across as another airhead isecure wannabe-mean-girl hanging around with this trash.

      Is every Andrew Christian "model" required to be dumb as rocks, or a douche, or both? Honestly, don't these guys know they're not even real models (Dehler started to get some legit modeling work after he ditched AC, coincidence -- nope)? Do actual goodlooking people who could be actual models really find muscle-less runts like Swanby, Cory Lee, Brandon Brown (no offense cause he's a super sweet guy, but come on), Shawn Stolz or completely generic whiteboys like Colby Melvin or bizarre-looking weirdos like Topher and Lance attractive? No -- but these poor fellas don't know it, because they live in an echo chamber into which no reality can seep.

      Luciano represents the stupid very well. So it's only okay for your porn star boyfriend to fuck other dudes on camera? What the hell did you expect dummy -- and it took you a year to figure out he's boning guys all day, every day? Fool.

      And Topher, dear Lord, he's got the douche act down. Nobody in the industry wants to work with this tool. People in WeHo are starting to be annoyed by him. Eleven promotes Topher Thursdays like he's a cross between David Gandy and Jeff Stryker when he is neither a real model nor that big in porn -- it's so weird. It's like the bar/entertainment scene is so insular they don't even know when they're firing blanks.

      At least it's entertaining to read about here. smh

  2. He steals, he lies, he demands for free food from his friends, yes Sherlean does run to his rescue at 4 am to give him lasanga.

    Watch ur friends Romeo Fink, because we dont like you and we talk about you behind your back.

    1. This slut is one of the main reasons I split with my ex. I live in Las Vegas, and I do fitness and underwear modeling (Legit Brands, not this Andrew Cristian gay joke). Introduced as a friend I never took him as a threat in fact he and my ex have pics together on his FB. Me and my ex where working through somethings and hadn't broken it off so Topher was very aware that my ex was not available but he and my ex slept together. Both are to blame, I went through the typical motions of anger, depression, insecurity but Topher works out here alot and is a publicly drunk pathetic mess so In the the end I feel sorry for this kid. Any pro would know not to shit where you eat, and don't antagonize industry competitors.

  3. Has anyone seen his fucked up bottom teeth?


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