Bottoms Pretending to Be Tops



  1. ummm if that white boy is feminine, what does that make 99% of the you fags in weho?

  2. Big dick asian :P

  3. How do shit shit shit movies like this even get made?? Oh yeah- and they're both believable TOPS.... this movie would have actually made sense if they big hangup was who gets to bottom! Haha both of them being like "fuck me" "no YOU fuck ME" "let's make a bet- loser gets the dick!"...... I mean, for real???

  4. how embarrassing this movie was even made. hopefully it was filmed on an iphone and not much $$ has gone to waste

  5. Whats with all the gay movies being made!! I swear this cheap badly acted crap makes 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo'' look like a masterpiece.


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