Why Can't All Bottoms Be THIS Verbal

Wood Chuck


  1. 1. This is not a horse dick. 2. Calling someone a bitch during sex is so stupid and immature. And so over done. It turns on very few, if any, bottoms to hear a top try so hard to be macho.

  2. Fucking Awesome! It was hot so thanks for adding to my morning wood.

  3. the top was terrible. made me limp

  4. As I sit here inhaling the vapors of Ms Tina, I'm reminded of the many times I was called a bitch and many things worse. Thank you for sharing this as it brought back many great memories

  5. Constantly referring to a man's asshole as his "Pussy" is about as sexy as a toilet full of poop soup.

    So in other words, it's really hot!! like (ken) Campball's Mmm-mmm good!!!


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