Andrew Christian
October 7, 2013

Who or What would you like to Read About?

Let's face it most of the old whores who have been featured on this site are a little tapped out. 

Leave a comment & let us know where you need us to spill more T.



  1. nude male celebs!

    1. Stink Alert!

      Where? Equinox
      Who? Bryce Star (Bareback porn star)
      Why?: he is a trainer and he has the worst body Oder ever! We had to stop halfway through my work out because I was gagging, I just let him keep the money for the full hour and I took off, I rather loose money then smell him.

      You know when you rim a guy and then you lick your upper lip and sniff?

      That is the oder of CHristopher Darren

  2. Andrew Christian Models and Employees

  3. As much as I love the shady reading and would never ask you to stop that,I would love to see you put a bit of effort in educating the community with some of the better "2do's and im not just talking about clubs either. Promote the gay arts give people hope and inspiration. Hate is the only thing that makes you age. So why you on it?

  4. who the new super young "it" people are (like 21-25), and everything about their lives

  5. Start covering celebs (REAL celebs) on the down-low.... we all know there are plenty of them and these actors and musicians who are quietly banging guys while pretending to be straight SHOULD feel the pressure to come out! If more mainstream celebs owned the fact that they're gay or bisexual it will continue to break down barriers. Enough with these guys who wait until they're totally washed up to come out so they can get a little press once they're irrelevant. Spilling the T on that isn't any more shady than the guys who are pretending they don't suck dick when they do...

    1. Well why don't you spill the beans? Who are they?

  6. who is GG.. not gregory gorgeous is it? did he buy this site?

  7. i want to know about gregory gorgeous, i want the real T.. what the hell is going on with that bish, is she in canada, or is LA, wat is going on/ also, monitor her hairline because that shit is about to go and peroxide blow weave pharmaceutical damage is not helping, that queen needs an intervention stat

  8. thiis, all of THIS

  9. Things we NEED answered:

    Will Jordan Shannon still be bartending at 40??
    What's the REAL story behind Peter Picciano's hairline??
    Are Griffin Marc's curves due to estrogen shots??
    Is Cory Lee an 80 yr old man with a good face lift??

  10. Eli Lieb I can't find any gossip on this sexy man


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