Which WeHo Hotty Would YOU Rather Bang.... minus the condim?

The winner will receive a rimjob from Lucas & an all expenses paid trip to the free clinic.



  1. I though Sam was hot until I saw how short he is.

    1. oh here we go...the person that complains about how short everybody is.

      he's not that short and that's not the problem. he is effeminate and has a horrendous sense of entitlement and is reportedly a self-proclaimed "Prude", which is always suspect coming from a gay...

    2. I love me some short... hook it up

  2. See the problem with short people is they're narcissistic cunts (Shane Bricknell, Peter Picciano, Cory Lee, Dylan Austin, etc) because subconsciously they know they only have a few years to be hot and then it's TROLL TIME!

  3. Uh I totally hate Peter Picciano.. fucking moron! and Sam has the cutest face ever.. however, I've known Anthony a little bit longer..so I'd say Saldana!

  4. id fuck sam's raw smooth boy hole and fill it with my thick load of cum

  5. That box of rocks John Clauss has already bred him a few times with his small cock. Ask him what it's like.


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