Where 2 Be: Booty Bumpin' Friday @ FUBAR 10/11

It's BUTT night every Friday at Fubar where the one & only DJ Brandon Wilde spins HipHop in his thong & twerks upside down!! Custom GOGO jockstraps by designer Marco Marco! 

* No Cover 
* Hot Hot Booty Dancers 
* Drink Specials that get you hammered 

Booty Bumpin' Friday is the only night where you get to pick the GoGo dancers. The GoGo who gets tipped the least will be "BOOTY BUMPED" from next week's line up & the winner of the "BOOTY SHAKING CONTEST" gets his job. #QualityControl 

If that's not good enough FUBAR is having a "Drink Ticket Hunt". It's like an easter egg hunt but instead of candy you get what you really want... DRINK TICKETS!!! Take the new WeHo Trolley & avoid DUIs.


xoxo Neo & GG

PS - NO photos, NO list, NO drama


  1. I want this man to shit face me. Rumor has it Foster Farms' Chicken has Ecoli. Yeehaw!



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