Sayonara Zodiac: Another Party Bites the Dust!

Let's facelift it...

Steve's crowd, if he even has one anymore, does not hangout at Micky's on Friday nights.

They do hangout at rich people's houses/boats taking selfies, drinking the free booze & pretending like they just won the lotto while some daddy is footing the bill for everything & the ice. It's nice to know we can all be 30-40 year old twinks... in the eyes of a dinosaur.

Please steve if you want to do a night in WeHo... 
stop piggy backing on everyone else's parties & do your own or better yet get a job. 

Bye bye Zodiac... Your sign is Sayonara. Next stop... RAGE?


ps - Hip Hop Fridays @ Fubar is a hit! 


  1. When did he get fired?

  2. He an di made love one summery nite. Which sent me to the free clinic the next day. How does Murray pay his own rent these days ? What about andrew gurver?


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