Saturday Night Shooting at The Factory in #WeHo 10/13/13

There was a shooting in WeHo last night. In front of The Factory on La Peer, car to car shooting, 7 people arrested, all from south LA and Long Beach, they had been at a straight event at The Factory on the La Peer side. 

One officer claims that the club busses the "straight urban" crowd in, literally. The promoter sells tix that include a bus ride from South LA and free entry to the club. And there goes the gayborhood!

We wonder if our city council will have anything to say about this or if they'll try and sweep it under the rug along with their bundled up campaign donations from people they've never met.


Ps- This is why we avoid WeHo on Saturday nights!


  1. How does busing the "straight urban" crow have anything to do with an accident involving a car to car shooting?! #ratchet

    1. Why don't you ask the Sheriff's Dept. cunty. We're just relaying what we were told.

  2. when theres a black crowd there will be a shooting. Im black ill either shoot you with a gun or a load of my sperm

  3. maybe this happened because of all the bottoms that want big black dick. bahahahah.

  4. Please -- WeHo's white queens are ratchet as well as racist, HIV-spreading former dorks now thinking their crap doesn't stink when most of them wouldn't even be looked at in any other town. Only in WeHo does generic twink or roided-out airhead pass for hot. No talent hacks deserve to be shot -- am I bitter?


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