Photo of the Week:

Boys will be boys!? 

Colby, Brent Corrigan & Brandon Brown



  1. The new ad campaign for Truvada and HIV?

  2. Bryan Kocis is dead, google it, brent corrigan, sean paul lockheart, killed him and got away with murder. Now he is spreading his hiv to everyone in sd county. And as for cobra, you and your open relationship is gross. The way you swap sperm at Tina Parties is sick.

  3. wow brent has hit the wall. damn.

    1. Cobra is so gross. They legit snowball cum with any skank that comes around.

      So gross.

      And not to mention? Is colby a dwarf? Im not being just being serious...he has to be only 5'1, the height of skooki!

      This advertisement PIC makes the HIV virus jump out of my stolen computer faster then woody woodeck opening his mouth after not seeing the dentist in 9 yaers.

    2. how do you actually know they have HIV? have you seen the test results yourself? and if you did, why would they show them to you?
      or are you just bitter because they turned you down?

  4. Would have been more entertaining to take the pic with an ultra violet light. Just to see the organisms.

  5. Is this supposed to be sexy?

  6. These guys look as fresh as that arm band tattoo. The one in the middle.. I can't.


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