Paris Hilton's not so "Good Time"

First of all good job on cornering the Barbie Doll market. We're sure the kids in europe love it!? With that being said your atrocious use of autotune is baffling. Please consider paying someone else to sing for you in the future & then just lip-synch to their voice. You're never going to perform live anyways... so focus on making money.

The direction of the video itself is passable to people who don't know any better but the truth is you can do throw a better pool party in your sleep. Clearly you need to get your fag mob together or just start kicking it with Brooke Candy & hers until a little of the magic rubs off on your rich bony a$$.

You're a nice girl Paris .... we fought for you when you got called a homophobe, fu(k we even changed our profile pictures to show our allegiance but this song is sh!ttier than a tranny splat found in the bathroom at Eleven Nightclub on a Sunday, after a $9.99 Taco Bell binge... GURL!!