Dear Gaga,

You and Kanye need to quit getting high on the smell of your own shit. Clearly you need to psych yourself up but you sound like a douche bag. Please we beg you stfu!! You'll never have the album of the millennium, especially if you're foolish enough to believe that ArtPop is that album. 

Take a break hunty!!  



  1. Didn't she declare that reductive "Born This Way" to be the Album of the Decade?? In the FIRST YEAR of the decade??

    Even MY pompous ass wouldn't have been so crazy as to deem the Blonde Ambition Tour "The Tour of the Decade" since it started and began in the first year of the 90s...but 9 years later, Rolling Stone crowned it that anyway!

    Oh Stefani, C*ck and pu$$y were my only drug. That's why i'm Kween!!!


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