Celebrity Filled "Art Hearts Fashion" breathes New Life into L.A. Fashion Week!

Lindsay Lohan, Adam Lambert, Bobby Brown, Floyd Mayweather, JoJo, Tia Mowry, Bonnie McKee, Semi Precious Weapons, Bobby Trendy, Porcelain Black, Kerli, and Tatum Oneal sat front row at the EuArt Presents Art Hearts Fashion at L.A. Live which was the wednesday night event of Style Fashion Week. 

The event produced by Erik Rosete featured lines by R. Michel'le, Marco Marco, Kami Shade, M The Movement, Donna Mizani, and an amazing finale show by "Mister Triple X" to benefit Aids Project Los Angeles. The event featured a really cool art gallery featuring some of our favorite Celebrity Artists Sham Ibrahim, Sequoia Emmanuelle, Lillipop Fauxtography, and Lisa Reilly. There was even a front Row Mean Girls Reunion as well! Marco Marco made a splash by casting all of our favorites from RuPauls including Alyssa Edwards, Shangela, Yara Sofia, Carmen Carerra, Raja, Manila Luzon, Willam, Detox, Vicky Vox, Rhea Litre, Mayhem Miller, Courtney Act, and Mathu Anderson! We heard over a thousand people tried to get in, and it was by far the most talked about fashion event from L.A. Fashion Week this season. 

All we gotta say is WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE??!!!!



  1. Rhea had no place there. She is desperate white trash.

    1. Attention fellow gays:

      Joe Hollywood has a missing crack pipe. It was last seen/used on the corner of Santa Monica and Vermont Ave.

      If anyone has any details where this pipe could of gone please contact Detective Bobby Trendy.

  2. Rossette had some hot glued tops on with gap jeans. Now is that fashion? marco had the same tired things Aston Wet back Michael showed 3 years ago. Lindsey not once looked up at the run way. The whole thing was tired.

  3. Sounds like the roster for a new season of Dancing with the Has-Beens.

  4. this is why LA fashion week is a joke.


  6. Seriously, if you're impressed by LA fashion week, you're not deserving of this blog.

  7. I went and saw all of my favorite celebrities under one roof. The clothes was bad ass, and Marco's show was amaze!!! As for the Mister Triple X closing show,.. I would honestly buy most of the stuff I saw... sounds like a lot of hateraid going around.. but im loving what these boys are doing.


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