11 Queens We Think Are Dead #careers

Lanny Leyda

Jonathan Challacomb

Nelson Melegri....

Manny Patel

Jackie Beat

Dan Studney

Candis Cayne

ManTana Volby

Woody Woodbeck

Livonia Speaks 

Morgan McMichaels 

Wayne Castro

May they rest in peace!



  1. Black Barbie on LarrabeeeOctober 7, 2013 at 3:26 PM

    First of alllll. It would be a mircle with the lords anoiting touch if any of these idiots were still a Live.!! Jackie I remember when she broke her arm when the security detailed grab it when she was lifting shit at the 99 cent store in Silverlake and she put up that foney hip replacemint story on kick starter!! Only thing kicking for her was the Lanlord kicking her OUT of the apartmint with a 3 day notice! He told jackie to BEAT IT! I Herd shes sweeping for the dragbook.com head quarters now just to be able to buy warm water for dinner and an ice cube for desert! Now ,Nelson meligratoe? Please I thought that thing had passed gas then ON a few years ago when ACT UP was still dancing the nite away in the castro high on Video head cleaner!!! And Mantana Volby? She has her own stall at the free clinic cause aint NO one would sit on that toliet seat- its seen more germs from him the CDC in the bronx area of new york city when the ebola plague hit in the 1980's and Rupaul was the spokes model. Speaking of which everyone new he was hooing under the brookin bridge for years! next.. Lanny Leyda...Now what happined to the cash box that nite lanny? Paul's rent money was in that !!! Jonathan Chalaomb-- girl i saw that tired face sat nite walking by Fiesta..girl i have SEEEN new things in the good will!! That face girl would be fitting just to be skinned and used as a lamp shade in the southern regions of Neirubi for the peahsant family living along the river - cause they DONT care what it woudl look like. Oh and Morgan? Girl she is STILL working in the Riverside Craig list and sleeping with her dad in drag just for gas money and to keep her Metro pcs phone on so she can call her lil black friend mayham miller to go steal cigerettes for her!! and Livonia ? Where do I start? I dont care about Sassy Ssssoooosy Saucy or ANY of that I just care about MY DRUGS and Dick Cock and ass!! and Woody? Why is he so excited about this n that? Id be excited when he actually SITs in adentist chair and gets that grill fixed..every time he smiles im looking at JAWS in 3D!! And wayne? Still lives in an apt and does not own the bayou or the whooo whoo his life is just BOO HOO!

    1. Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrlll, too much time on you handz to be commentin' on errrbody like dat. Find a job or a hobby , butter yet find a man cuz someone with a man aint got all this time to be this bitter at people no really cares about anywayz.

    2. Everything you said about Jackie Beat is untrue . She owns her own house, had been needing her hip replacement surgery 2 years before she had it done, and now she is a successful tv writer who doesn't need to perform as much in drag.

  2. haha woody molest all his dancer, if you dont give him a blow job you get bumped from next weeks line up.

    he is like an illegal pipe.

    did i mention how much coke he has in the here lounge back room?

  3. Livionia Speaks always blows some up Mirelles ass.

    He will do anything for the younger crowd to accept him.

    get your bags and go to the castro!

  4. what abut daniel henson? is career is still going strong robbing iphone 5s', he obtained at least 2 this weekend and then resold them.

    1. thank god for iOS7 not allowing stolen phones to be resold and used by other people...

  5. Lanny is one ugly-assed half breed. He should bring back the tranny makeup. Now he's just an ugly looking guy.

  6. I love it how obessed Woody Woodbeck and Bryce Star are with this website, I am neighbors to both of them, we live in the same complex. and Man all they do is shit talk Lucas John and stair at your website DAILY. Bryce said you have a button dick and one of his friends saw you leave a hot tub nude. Woody will do anything to ruin lucas career, everything from spreading rumors he has aids, to unfriending him on facebook and bashing him everytime he is on the website.

    Being completely honest, why is Bryce never on this website?

  7. Niggers skin should be skinned at Tender GreensOctober 7, 2013 at 6:58 PM

    What did happen to manny Patel? Didnt the Abbey fire him for play ing a premade CD from Lidia Prim and Josh Peace? And I herd Woody got fired from being a dj for playing an old White Party Cd from Victor Calderone... These queens are crooked!!

  8. Oh I KNOW you ain't talkin' shit about Jackie Beat!



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