Untucked: Laganja Estranja

Apparently this alleged contestant of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5 was having some issues with her tuck at Hamburger Mary's (LB) this week.



  1. It's called "Popping your tuck."

    1. She aint on RuPaul drag race you dumb fuck, and that aussie bitch Kourtney Acne isnt either that mother fucker has no SS, Logo needs an SS for the show.

      I am so sick of dumb fuck wanna be whore faggots that dress up like hookers that FLIRT with Shut up Chanel.

      Chanel Perrilo, one word for you! BAT. take a baseball bat to your ugly fucking horse mouth you stanky ass whore, you do NOT cast for RUpaul all you do is take laods from Charles ruPaul you ugly fucking bitch. STOP hosting at events no one wants to see you. I want to see you 6 feet under you ugly fucking skank.

    2. Now someone is pissed and clearly jealous, calm your tits gurl.

  2. Please send this bitch to my house and I will feed her properly. You look skinny sick like her when you don't eat because all you (she) do is smoking 420. Send her to my house and I'll put her on a pizza, eggs, bacon and potatoes diet.

  3. Yall r a bunch of CUnTS

  4. Season 6, not 5 you half-assed reporter. I swear a nigger wrote this, it's so lazy.


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