Social Climber James Mason Dumped for Bottle Service Perks after Losing Alleged Film Role? ? ?

Well James... isn't that strange that your LA BF & your friends would dump you to be in the VIP section of a club.

Let's put it this way your mother is not Madonna but you toss her name around like she is. Therefore you attract the insincere friends you have because you're shallow, you have no real work ethic & you're a spoiled D-Lister only because your parents are retired C-listers. 

In the past real friends at least invited you to bottle service at the club and even poured your drink. Than your psycho ex-con boyfriend went ape sh!t on them when your photo was taken. The point is you're surrounded by shallow people because you are a shallow person. 

You're not going to be a legendary anything in the entertainment business because people can't stand the real you. Go back to school, learn how to edit some film & maybe you can do a documentary about your famous family members because that's pretty much the only thing you know how to talk about anyways. 

You get what you put in... name dropper. 



  1. Does he have down syndrome? Face is messed up!

    And OMG this guy has no talent, just because he mother sang the word vacation and did a bump does not entitle him to be the King here.

    He has no talent, small cock, and uses Meth more than the next body.

  2. Yes, he'll never be a legend in the entertainment business unless he starts a gossip site that spoils the results of drag queen reality shows and reblogs articles that were on tumblr six months ago.

    At least he's got good looks and charm! Something that cannot be said for the troll who operates this shite site.

    1. Cute? Gurl I think you need do get your Daniel Henson cross eyes checked asap!

      He looks like he has down sydrome!

  3. Who is this Person? On my soul to Heaven, who in the higgens is this person?

  4. Y'all read him for filth! Lol

  5. And he's such a messy bottom, that one. Shit everywhere.

  6. I know James and he is VERY shallow himself

  7. Belinda Carlisle wrote a book called Lips Unsealed and she said she was doing coke the entire time she was pregnant with James

  8. James has such a big head that he looks like a float at the macys parade comin right at ya

  9. Poor Belinda, if she knew her son was going to be such a DRAMA QUEEN he would have been her 10th abortion...

  10. He is so much better off without that ex-con bf of his.

  11. Who needs gay conversion therapy when you have this site and its commenters? It's enough to make you want to renounce your homosexuality, just to avoid being associated with bitter (and equally shallow) queens like the ones here... or for fear of turning into one.

  12. I know James Duke Mason, and he is a friend of mine. HOW DARE ANY OF YOU judge him and say things which are so hurtful and nasty that if they were said about me, I don't think I could survive reading them. James is a GOOD role model for the gay youth. Take your energy and make it into something positive and constructive. This is totally obscene and you all owe Duke and Belinda a serious apology!


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