Obama called out as "War Criminal" & "Hypocrite of the Century" in Irish Parliament

This woman is a saint! 
War is bad! 
And Obama is about to take the US 10 years backwards for some oil!

"People in this country (Ireland) are very fond of our American brothers & sisters & I think we stand far more shoulder to shoulder with them by making valid criticisms of their president who has broken his election promises rather than just pimping this nation (Ireland) as a tax haven for their (US) corporations. I am sure the Americans would far prefer if their multi-nationals paid their taxes at home rather than offshore here, so that they could develop their healthcare, so they wouldn't be wasting money on arms used to slaughter people in other counties."



  1. Oil? Put down the pipe.

  2. Yes oil - http://www.ibtimes.com/syrian-oil-gas-little-known-facts-syrias-energy-resources-russias-help-1402405

  3. Sorry, trick, oil production in Syria is less than .01 of the world total.

    Stick to posts trying to ruin the fun of Rupauls Drag Race and outing coke dealers and leave the politics to queens who actually know something about it.

    1. *slow clap* WeHo Confidential trying to get political is like a crack head doing a cardiac quadruple bypass surgery. In short, a fucking mess!


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