"Blurred Bynes" by DWV - Detox, Willam & Vicky

Our favorite drag 3 some is back & better than ever!!



  1. I thought to be an AC model you had to have muscle? Not look like Anne Franke sandwiched her self on a six pack cookie cutter...aka JEFFREY HAWKINS.

    Dear Jeffrey, you live in Glendale *Bachelor* 400 a month (Good deal, right?) but roaches EVERYWHERE! No a/c, no parking, no stove, no fridge, nothing. You are a sad joke!!!!!!

    Chanel Perillo: Just die, please just leave this fucking earth! Find your own straight friends and get out of our community.

    Sherleen Majica: you realize that the gays are using you? Romeo Fink calling you at 4 am to make him Lasanga? And you deliever it him with fresh warm garlic bread? You are being used and you make your friends look bad, everyone is like why are these GORGEOUS POZ models hanging out with this fat chink?

    Now it makes sense, you feed them, pay rent, and nurture them when they are coming down from meth!

  2. Replies
    1. @1:51 Wow never really had the balls to say way you said, but it is DEF the truth.

      Romeo Fink also said he puked up Matt Flynn's Skynny Kitchen because he found a NoHo roach in the brisket...

      I guess the fat chink that clearly doesn't eat at Matt's under 500 calorie resturant had to make Lasanga for Romeo Fink-Dimagio

  3. These fucking creeps are the reason people think all faggots are losers.

  4. Hmm. I LOVED that.


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