Angel Bonilla's WTF Fridays @ Shark Club Costa Mesa


You have to witness WTF Fridays when you suck enough dick to get gas money for the trip to Costa Mesa! 

Angel Bonilla is back at it again! If you don't know him; he is the entrepreneur that brought you and those obnoxious Facebook videos that we all love!

WTF Fridays at Shark Club is beyond amazing, hot, fun dancers, tons of POP music and very elaborate decorations. No expense was spared. Someone is putting $$$ where their mouth is! It's a blast and a half! Our little ball sack nearly fell off at the sight of this production. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

 You betta work betch! 

Britney Aguilera 


  1. angel is smart, this looks fun

  2. this place is crazy I had so much fun didn't know a place like this was in the OC super fun

    1. this club looks retarted. Im not driving 2 hours to a area of california that doesnt even have human intereaction.

      fuck him and fuck you for selling out.

  3. Tijuana Night of What?

  4. No one cared enough to comment, this is weho confidential, not santa ana confidential

  5. how come it wasnt busy like this when i threw parties there?

  6. i went to this place last night dope fun that hoe angel must be sucking tons of cock cause that place is over the top with lights screens and a dope ass led wall.

  7. I do NOT c ne blodn people in this photo from orange county! please stop

  8. OMG, Angel Bonilla gave me AIDS!


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