Will the San Vicente Inn Clean Up Her Act?

We recently received a birthday invite which claimed that the San Vicente Inn is turning a new leaf:

When:  August 25th, 2013 from 4-6 p.m.
Where: San Vicente Inn, 845 N. San Vicente, West Hollywood, CA
Who:   You!
What:  MM

MM’s 40th Birthday Party BBQ
In lieu of gifts, MM requests that you please make a donation to the Van Ness Recovery House.  The VNRH is a rehab facility for LGBT people run by the incredible Kathy Watt.  Hundreds of sober LGBT people owe their lives to Kathy and her staff.  Please give generously to fund beds for LGBT people struggling with addiction to meth and alcohol.   Contributions to VNRH are fully tax deductible since it is a 501©(3).
The San Vicente Inn has had notoriety as a hotel where drug use within the gay community occurred. It was recently bought by Jeff Klein and he is “cleaning it out”.  The San Vicente Inn has some karma to repay to the gay community.  This is a good start.   

Thank you!


  1. Hey WeHo con...

    who is MM? Please explain? I need to know *no joke*

    also, will baggies of tina be included in the party bag? If not I am not cumming.

  2. Van Ness Recovery House has MORE DEAD CLIENTS than Carter Has Pills; this 12-Step religious AA/NA cult indoctrination center is KILLING PEOPLE with it's "HIGHER POWER" nonsense; all while charging LOTS OF MONEY!

  3. i will attend this party in the name of God and i will do my illcit drugs :)


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