Wentworth Miller is Gay & OUT of the Closet !!!

OMG! OMG! I'm out of breath! The "dating" pool for the gays just got bigger by one! I'm sure there were jotas that already knew this, but...Wentworth Miller aka Michael Scofied, is gay! He finally came out and said he was a jota! He was invited to St. Petersburg Russia for a film festival and he said no because "as a gay man, [he] must decline" (because the Russian laws against gays) Finally! A cute one on our team. It's about time too!!! Congrats JOTA!!!! WehoConfidential.com is here for you!!! 


 PS- Will his career be in jeopardy?


  1. He came out of the closet years ago! Do your research or look stupid reporting on old news items! Super lame!

  2. It's always nice when annoying straight people say stuff like "the guy from Prison Break? I don't know, you gays think everyone is gay" and then, years later, they see you were right.

  3. What career? And isn't he fat now?


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