WeHo Introspective: Part 1

It's been a long Summer, we've seen a lot of fresh meat pass through WeHo. It seems these days the turnover rate is higher than a Friday night at the Abbey. 

Considering our available options; we wonder if it's due to the lack of stability, false hope or unfulfilled promises instilled into our youth.

Let it be known, you will never own that car or be in that movie, your hole is merely a warm soft toy until you're outgrown and thrown to the wolves. If you think you're an exception because you have a nice smile or cute face...enjoy the slow decay at Motherlode leaching off half empty beer bottles. Get cold hard cash for your goods, never accept promises as a form of payment.

Anywhoooo, It's looking like a grim future for the new age of gays. What's one suppose to do after depleting their Grindr reserve? Drive to Burbank and find some Valley hole? We'd rather freebase in Victorville off Melissa Brown's taint.

This Summer has sucked the life out of us and like an abused mussy at some point we will just cave in. The Molly isn't as strong and the Cocaine is being cut with asbestos from your local bathhouse. 


After parties are being held in foreclosed homes. Once crowded clubs are losing their soviet steam. HUNTY, when Gaga said she wants the "Applause" it was because THE SHOW IS OVER! 

Let's pray to the sugar gods for a new beginning in 2014. Lord knows we could all use a daddy! Find one with enough sugar rot your teeth out. Nothing is forever. 

Don't forget to pay the rent!

Ms. Rosebud


  1. Never laughed so hard in mah lawfeee!!!

  2. these played out tramp partys.
    look at the hosts MESSY! Should we feel sorry for these queens that TRY SO HARD ? NO cause they LOWER the BAR.

  3. Learn to spell the word exception before you start casting stones, moron.

  4. true words!!! send them all back

  5. WeHo sucks. There are other parts of LA with smart gay people. Silverlake, Downtown...

  6. def some kernels of truth here...Weho has gotten stale...next!

  7. This "article" or whatever this is why so many homos can't stand WeHo.



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