WeHo Confidential Named " Best Nightlife Blog" by LA WEEKLY

What an honor... 
We have truly been doing the Lord's work!! 

Best Nightlife Blog
WeHo Confidential

"If you need the skinny on the beating gay heart of L.A., look no farther than WeHo Confidential. Gleefully NSFW, the site isn't afraid to show some skin while simultaneously slinging the hottest gossip about the hottest sports in West Hollywood. Run by an assortment of gay men who value their anonymity, WeHo Confidential will tell you Where 2 Be in the gayborhood on a given night, reveal the leaked cast list for RuPaul's Drag Race, and even throw horny gays a bone with some free porn. Yet just two posts away, readers will find an impassioned post about boycotting the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. But what really separates WeHo Confidential from its competitors is the administrators' fearlessness. The guys aren't afraid to name names, call out the worst in the community and talk about what happens underneath WeHo's shiny surface. Yes, some of it is unsubstantiated rumor, and some of it is pure shade-throwing. But on a nightlife site about West Hollywood, what else could you expect?"

Come celebrate with us at BOOTY BUMPIN' Fridays @FUBAR!! 


There will be more hot ass than the law should allow. 

Avoid a DUI & take the Trolley to booty night.

Neo & GG


  1. Um...you misspelled nightlife. It has a "T," one of the few areas where we actually consider you an expert.

  2. If you know anything about this site you'd know they are notorious for never spelling anything correct because fucking idiots run it but it has its charm. They prolly did it on purpose lol hahahahah

  3. in art there are no acidents


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